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We are proud to announce in partnership with UTICA FIRST INSURANCE CO. our joint ON LINE RATING ACCESS PROGRAM through our website at morstan.com The program will allow authorized Brokers to sign into morstan.com and immediately access the rating program in order to do your own quote indication any time. This will provide you with a non-binding indication subject to signed Underwriting approval from an authorized Morstan Underwriter. If you wish to be included in the program please complete this form.

We thank you for considering MORSTAN GENERAL AGENCY, Inc. for all your Insurance Placement needs. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact an Underwriter of your choice at any Morstan office.

By submitting this agreement I (as Licensee) understand that my firm and I are being given the rights by MORSTAN GENERAL AGENCY, INC. to "quote" Utica First Insurance Company for BOP'S & Artisan contractors subject to all Carrier Underwriting guidelines, accuracy of the information and criteria established by Utica First Insurance Co. and Morstan General Agency, Inc. I understand that NO binding authority is granted or implied and that this is being provided as an indication and marketing tool only. Coverage may NOT be bound without first being subject to a full Underwriting review by an authorized Underwriter of Morstan General Agency and then only by written consent to bind. Any quote (indication) provided using the "Morstan Broker Code" (through Morstan.com/Utica First link) may only be bound by Morstan.

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